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Date Night: Make Time for Love

Date Night: Make Time for Love


Tomorrow really is another day.

You’ll all be happy to know that I got through yesterday just fine… a minor blip on my life highway, to be sure.

A fairly productive day at the office, a nice, hearty dinner with my husband (who was home earlier than usual) a new series of “This Old House” featuring a house on the water (my dream), extra snuggling with the Boy (how do they always know?!) and a great night’s sleep… the perfect remedy.

And this morning, I’m guest-posting over at Oh My! Handmade on how to not only come up with some great ideas for those all-important love-nurturing dates, folks, but also some great tips on how to schedule them!

A great big thanks to everyone who wished me all those great encouragements or a simple nod to let me know they were there if I needed them. Made a girl feel pretty special.

So, head on over to Oh My! Handmade and get your love on!

Geri xx

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