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Free Cupcake Bunting Topper Diy Printable…

Free Cupcake Bunting Topper Diy Printable...

So, you may have noticed that there have been some changes here at the The Languid Lion.

I’ve added a new product line.

I’ve updated the Facebook page.

I’ve polished the “About Page” over at my Etsy shop.

I’m diligently working on my Pinterest boards… I tell ya, I could just get lost for hours on them!

And now, I’ve added a fantabulous subscription feature with a newsletter to the blog!

To date, I’ve had a subscription feature in place… RSS, which most blogs have as a basic feature; via Email (using Feedburner, which allows you to get the posts sent to your inbox) and via Bloglovin’, a service which allows you to follow blogs in a central location.

Let’s be honest.

It was higgledy-piggledy (hey, I lived in Britain for 6 years – that’s a legitimate saying!)

So, after emersing myself in the “Blogging for Your Creative Business” course with April Bowles-Olin a couple of months ago, one of the blog “grown-up” functions to have is a cohesive subscription process with a newsletter… and here it is!!!

I’ve set it up successfully, using Mad Mimi. It’s easy to use, free (for smaller blogs – the bigger you get, a small fee gets tacked on – fair enough, I say) and combines all of the previous functions I listed above in ONE place – bliss.

I decided to upgrade a function (called a “drip campaign”… a very cool name, as it suggests, it sends emails at a prescribed pace) and offer my new subscribers a Cupcake Bunting Topper DIY Printable Template, which gets sent to them directly once they’ve signed up.

Cool, right?

I chose this Cupcake Bunting Topper DIY Printable Template, as it’s celebratory, plus it allows you to dabble in my wonderful world of handmade.

And, really, who doesn’t like a well-decorated cupcake?!

So, for those of you who have been following me from the beginning or joined along the way – thanks so much!

And for those of you new readers, why not sign up to the newsletter & get your Cupcake Bunting Topper DIY Printable Template,, fabulous freebies, discounts & special secret stuff – right in your inbox!

Geri xx

I’d love to see any pics of your fabulously decorated cupcakes, by the way… and if you’d like to see any other templates or special blog topics, I’d love to hear ‘em ;-)

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