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Sneak Peek… Branding Collateral + Website { Part 1 }

Sneak Peek... Branding Collateral + Website { Part 1 }

Image Credit: Sonoma Pool Cabana by Summerwood

Isn’t that a gorgeous studio?! Ok, ok, it’s actually a pool cabana, but I just fell in love with it as my dream studio as soon as I saw it ;-)

Shhh… but, I’ve been costing out a separate building studio for awhile now & it looks like my dream might be coming true this year! I say might, ’cause there are obviously a lot of factors that go into a decision like this.

So, while I wait, I dream.

Sneak Peek... The new site!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share with you a sneak peek at my new website (coming soon), that will be combining items from the Etsy shop, as well as incorporating my graphic design biz that so far, I’ve kept separate.

I’ve been designing + developing websites for over 5 years now, but had to give up the coding/development aspect last year due to my back problems; truth-be-told, I never really liked that aspect of the process anyway and something had to go!

But, I will still be designing branding (including brandmarks + collateral, both digital + print), custom illustrations + stationery and web/blog elements (such as headers, sidebar graphics and icons).

Don’t worry, the blog will be easily accessed and will also continue… I couldn’t leave you hanging like that!

I also have some new exciting things, such as kits for decorations + stationery for those of you who like to try your own handmaking.

What do you think?!


Branding Collateral: The Languid Lion
(a little secret: I have just as much fun wrapping shop items as I do creating them!)

You may have noticed some subtle design changes on the blog and Etsy shop header and they have been largely due to my working on the cohesive look of the blended aspects of the shop and my design services.

It’s so important to have a strong brand and even more so, I think, when you have an online presence. With every order that I ship from the shop, I include a business card, a wee “thank you” card offering a discount on a next purchase… all enclosed in a sealed handwritten Thank You card.

For my Invitation Samples, the discount card is actually a placecard from the purchased suite…

I also wrap all of my items in recycled butcher paper and tie with coordinating baker’s twine & hits of pretty Washi tape. I add matching product tags, as well, to tie the whole look together… instead of a perfunctory thing you’ve bought online, you receive a “gift” that is beautiful to open – even before you get to whatever lovely you’ve chosen!


Packaging Cubby

And, of course, it’s helpful to have all of your packaging items in one organized area!  I found this little cubby somewhere (I can’t remember where), cleaned it up and painted it a lovely blue (to match my signature shop colours).  I added a pretty knob and lined each area with my beautiful Ralph Lauren wallpaper to protect my paper goods. I also have a beautiful reed diffuser with Jasmine… it makes for a relaxing & pretty packaging station.

A Dispenser for Every (Washi ) Tape

It may seem excessive, but having my Washi & plain old Scotch tape available like this makes my life a lot easier, especially when I have multiple orders to package!

So, there you have it… in Part II, I’ll be revealing the new site in all its glory as well as the rest of the intermittent studio, including my drafting table, scoring station, ribbon section, envelope + box storage and some more pretty.

Stay tuned!

Geri xx

What do you do to stay organized?

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Geri, you’re so crazy talented! I love it. Brand consistency is so important and I think you do an amazing job. Gorgeous. :)

    Love your organizational picture too. So pretty.

    • Thanks so much, Nikki! I’m pretty happy with it now that I’m on the homestretch ;-)

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