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Tomorrow is Another Day…

Tomorrow is Another Day...

Despite having a wonderful weekend which included a mini-getaway with my husband and a lovely evening with friends on Saturday, I woke up today  feeling grouchy, cranky, irritable, disillusioned & achey.

And the weather has decided to mirror my mood, perfectly.

Even taking my lovely Boy for a walk didn’t help and that’s saying something.

While I’m not one to usually share my woes, it occurred to me  that this happens to all of us from time to time and instead of trying to gleefully cajole myself out of it, I’ve decided to simply accept it and get through it… after all, tomorrow is another day.

When I saw the above image in our slideshow, it immediately made me feel a little better, largely due to its beauty and capture of that moment… bringing back the memory of it (that’s me, skiing on a VERY large mountain in the French Alps a few years back, stopped in my tracks and feeling trepidatious about continuing down the precarious-looking slope, until my wonderful husband cheered me on all the way to the bottom).

I added a little design and voila! started to feel a little better.

So I share it with you, my lovely readers, in the hopes that it motivates & inspires you on those days that just seem a bit too hard… and, hey, look at that!

The sun’s beginning to shine here.

And, now I’m smiling.

Happy Monday!

Geri xx

What do you do to get yourself through an “off” day?

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