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Wedding Top Tip: Hand-Cancel or Machine Stamp?

Wedding Top Tip: Hand-Cancel or Machine Stamp?

So, you’ve got your beautiful handmade wedding invitations all carefully addressed and you’ve bought special-edition wedding-themed stamps and you and your bridesmaids had a blast assembling them together and they’re all ready to be mailed.

You’re about to hand them over at the post office and you think, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a hand-stamp look rather than that machine-looking postage?”

Well, you can!

It’s called “hand-cancelling” and you can get it done right at your post office.

See the left image above?  It has a circular stamp with the date and place that you’re mailing it from.

See the image on the right?  That one’s simply been run through the machine and stamped with those lines…

The main purpose of those machines is to sort the mail and cancel the postage on the envelope so that it can’t be reused.  You can see why your postal worker prefers this method!

While this is a much faster process, it can also damage your envelope.  You’ve all received that piece of mail that’s a tad mangled and looks like it’s been through the ringer?  Most of that damage occurs during this process…

When your envelope is hand-cancelled, it only passes through human hands and doesn’t get swished through any machine.

Your postal worker may not relish this task, but it makes for a much prettier and more pristine envelope for your guests to enjoy!

After all, you took the time to lick all of those stamps right?!

Geri xx

Have you tried hand-cancelling?

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