Reana Saraceni

Dr. Reana Saraceni is a registered psychologist and executive coach who recently set up a private practice and was advised to have a website to legitimize her! We worked together to not only craft her brand identity, but also a solid strategy and cohesive business plan. With her unique combination of executive coaching and psychology, Reana needed an unobtrusive, non-threatening and inviting visual space to welcome her patients. I began with a simple logomark to identify the yin-yang of therapist/patient relationship, as well as hint at the “S” of her surname. A soft colour palette, clean lines and soothingly representative images complete her visual story to create a safe and warm haven to welcome both new and existing clients.

*update*┬áSince launching her site in December 2014, Reana’s client list has dramatically increased, requiring the need for an assistant and expansion to a collective office space. Way to go, Reana!

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Geri helped me strategize & put together a cohesive plan; I learned TONS from her... my site looks just AMAZING!

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